First thing to do is to check if there is an answer to your question in the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you’ve still got a problem then please get in contact, I really do pride myself on the level of support I’m able to offer as an independent developer.  I’ll try my best to get your problem fixed or your change request implemented.

I strongly recommend using the free tool EtreCheck which is provides a comprehensive analysis of your Mac’s software configuration and can be very useful at highlighting some of the cruft that builds up over time.

It is essential that you remove any 3rd party utilities that belong to a group of software known as Application Enhancers.  Examples include: Smart Crash Reporter, WindowShade, ShadowKiller and earlier versions of Audio Hijack

The methods used by these types of utilities can cause very difficult to track down bugs.  I’m just a solo developer and if a company the size of Apple doesn’t support them then I can’t either.

Modern versions of OS X  provide alternatives to the functionality offered by these applications so check with the vendor for updates.

It would be useful have a copy of your log files when reporting a problem.  The easiest way is to use Console application in /Applications/Utilities:


You can then filter the logs by entering a search string, in this example ‘audioswitcher’ and Copy and

Paste the resulting log into an e-mail: