serialangels : Wimoweh

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Full System Picture

Wimoweh shows you all processes running on your system as well all the 'power assertions' that the system has created in order to prevent sleep as well as their reasons

Stay Awake When You Want

Wimoweh allows you to keep your Mac awake when any process is running - no more coming back to find your Mac has been asleep during an important job. You can optionally allow the display to sleep per process. You can set a simple timer or just keep the system awake permanently

Stay awake for network services, Plex, VPN and Java

Sometimes you want to stay awake only when a service on another machine is running, say Samba or SSH on a server. Or perhaps when Plex is running locally or remotely. You can also watch for VPN usage or the presence of a Java VM

Stay awake when the system is busy

f you don't want to create a per process schedule you can prevent sleep for a period of time when the system is busy - you can set a threshold for how much CPU usage as well as the period of time right on the main screen